Case Study:  Puzzle Makeup

Puzzle is a cosmetics brand that specialises in cosmetics for mature skin using only high quality mineral ingredients that are talc and paraben free.  All Puzzle cosmetics are cruelty free with no animal testing.

Our Goal is simple to understand your users and your business’s goals to build thoughtful strategy.

The  Problem

Puzzle reached out to us to help with their under performing Ecommerce website.  They were initially worried about a poor User Experience.  Once we had completed the research phase we found their conversion rate was averaging far below the industry standard range of 3% to 5%. 

From this point a User Experience study was completed to flush out the potential issues on the website.


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Research  Findings

We found the five main issues people were having with the website were:
  1. Home page
    1. No clear goals on where they were trying to send people
    2. CTAs on original home page were not clear (particularly above the fold)
    3. Only some links in the site footer were working (seo blackhat)
    4. Main menu busy – throwing everything at user at once
  2. Quiz
    1. Confusing results page
    2. No need for next button
  3. Information Architecture – Shop Page didn’t have all the product categories.
  4. Magnetic Tray upsell – found via customer interviews & analytics (low use)
  5. “Broken” footer links & valuable content hiding in footer – fix black hat SEO

The Solutions

Home Page

Home Page

We found a few issues on the homepage:
  • No clear conversion goals
  • No clear Call to Actions
  • Dead links in Footer
  • The homepage overall was confusing and unclear
The client was getting lots of page views but with the confusing homepage they weren't able to get their traffic to the interior sales pages they needed too.

Our suggested solution was to do a ground up website redesign. They were already using Shopify so we suggested a new theme for it which we could customize to their needs and requirements. As well this helped their on-page SEO.
Home Page
Information Architecture

Information Architecture

We found that the Information Architecture was confusing peope:
  • The main menu was confusing people with so many options
  • The "Shop" page didn't list all the products
By fixing the Information Architecture in the redesign of the site we were able to get people to the spots they wanted and needed to be to make conversions.
Information Architecture
"Broken" Footer

"Broken" Footer

Found the footer had dead links and was "hiding" a lot of good content.
  • These dead links were confusing visitors
  • These dead links in the footer were also hurting the SEO of the site.
We addressed this in the site redesign by building a new footer with relevant content while making sure everything worked for a better user experience.
"Broken" Footer
Checkout Upsell

Checkout Upsell

During the UX research phase it became apparent that there was a need to an upsell at checkout depending on the product being selected. This was caused by one of the products needing a carrying case.

A simple solution was found where a modal could gently interrupt the checkout process and suggest the additional product.rrrrrr
Checkout Upsell
Makeup Quiz

Makeup Quiz

The UX research also indicated people were getting confused on the results page of the Makeup Quiz which was hurting conversions.

We decided the best solution was to re-work the results layout to make it easier for them to get to the products suggested.
Makeup Quiz

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